Best web design company believes that website is often a first impression of your business

In today’s time, to stay up-to-date with current online trends and advancement in internet technology, you need to put lot of efforts. Web world seems completely changed from the time it was introduced. To remain at the top position of the web development game, it is important that you understand user behavior, follow advanced technology trends and employ sophisticated web development tools. Website development company in India considers the complete array of possibilities that internet offers and develops a website that will aid your business to succeed in online world.


In this blog, we will elucidate most essential trends which the developers should follow when creating a website for their clients.

  • Usability and design: In this modern time, user experience is becoming more significant than ever before, whereas RWD (Responsive Web Design) is becoming a mandatory attribute for websites. Responsive website design enables the users to browse websites from different devices such as smartphone, tablet etc. So, developers should pay attention on website usability while developing it.
  • Application Architecture: A mobile-friendly strategy in the businesses has also affected web development architecture. When businesses are building web apps and web services, they are tuning up this with their mobile strategy. These days, web APIs (Application Programming Interface) are becoming major point of online apps and smartphone apps, where developers are creating RESTful (Representational State Transfer) services on the server-side and developing the front-end applications for both mobile and web, depending on the RESTful services.
  • Navigational menu: Menus have become quite simpler with the arrival of CSS. In preference to simple text and picture icons, developers are increasingly employing CSS to execute minimalist-designed thumbnails and precise grid layouts to create expandable navigation menus. This improvement not only organized a desktop site, but also creates well-designed and insightful mobile menus. CSS offers a unique and effective way of organizing a site full of information without making it appear messy.
  • More Interactive: Microinteractions are the better way to improve the UX (User Experience) on your website, and also attract them to stay on it. Delivering a pleasurable and unforgettable experience for your users greatly impacts viewer’s emotional connection with your brand and also on the amount of time they use in browsing your website.
  • Typography: In recent years, developers used simple font for website text but, with the increasing demand of minimalist design, developers are focusing on typography which also impacts overall visual appearance and usability of your site. Bolder and responsive typography offers better reading experience to site visitors.
  • Longer Homepage: With the surge in usage of mobile devices to surf the internet, users have become habituated to scrolling. Online users want to see everything about your business on home page. For this reason home page need to be longer to develop better interaction between user and site.

Of course, these are not going to be the only trends in website development in upcoming years, but best website development company in India will employ simple design patterns and follow these trends for website development as increased mobile-internet usage have shown a general preference for simple yet elegant designs.