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As the best practices and procedures of SEO changes over the time, therefore it is a must for the businesses to conduct periodic assessments to decide whether adjustments need to be made or not. In case a business site is not optimized properly for search, then you will surely miss out a significant amount of traffic from the search engines as well as from the prospective clients.

Auditing a site is one of the things that the majority of the businesses don’t do unless they take the help of a professional web developer, web designer or SEO expert. In fact, the majority of business owners are clueless about how to do Website audit before SEO, or just alone the SEO audit. But without auditing the sites for SEO, the businesses can actually miss out different online opportunities and they can also violate the policies of Google and hurting the scope of ranking against the competitors.

As part of deciding the total efficiency of your site, the website audit must be checked to ensure that the site is properly designed keeping the visitors in consideration. The overall navigability and the design of the site should correspond with what the visitors would come to the site to seek out. Besides, this will depend largely on the individual business.

So, it can be said that website audits are highly beneficial and a must before starting a large scale website redesigning or SEO project. Auditing the site can decide whether the site is properly optimized or not to achieve the business goals and if not, then how can it be improved to increase the performance. In most of the cases, you may need a technical brain to know how to do Website audit before SEO, whether it is an outsourced party or someone from your in house IT team. Now let’s have a look at the things that you must check in to learn more about how to do Website audit before SEO:

  • The technical assessment: This is the part of assessment where you may need to loop in a web developer or someone else from the IT department. Besides, one can also hire an outside agency, but still it is necessary to perform proper homework first. It is also necessary to keep in mind that there can be a little overlap between two different assessments. But the goals are always same and therefore improved technicality can be really helpful for a business to obtain improved user experience.
  • The content assessment: This is another important part of website audit where one needs to focus on the content housed on the site starting from the landing pages to the blog posts and other webpages of your website. The procedure can be started by preparing a list of pages on your site and therefore asking several questions to evaluate the content optimization opportunities.