SEO trends keep on changing, and keeping up with those changes is what requires for doing a successful Internet business. Every year, Google, the giant search engine makes updates in algorithms to improve the ways businesses doing SEO. These updates and algorithms are designed to get rid of fraudulent websites and help to ensure better search results for viewers. If you do not strongly follow these algorithms and trends, you may be lost. With so many frequent changes, even if you are following, you might still be lost.


There are numerous factors that are essential to make a search engine friendly website which will dramatically improve your online business. Specialists in best SEO company in India take a close look at clients’ websites to make sure that these sites are rightly optimized for all the updates that have occurred, the ones that are approaching and the ones that are predicted to die soon.

There are few factors that need to be implemented in your site for better SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

  • Fresh and interesting content: Having high quality, relevant, exciting and informative content updated frequ
    ently in your blog is an effective way to create your brand, grow your audience and force them to stick to you. If you want to notice a drastic increase in traffic to your website, start blogging. You can use custom images that are useful and make your content more informative and impressive. Make sure to post a blog daily.
  • Important keywords: Keywords in content are important or not? There has been a huge discussion on this topic. The fact is that keywords are significant, but if they are not used or integrated properly in the content they lose their value. Create high quality content that is informative and relevant to the topic. Make sure that keywords should flow naturally throughout the whole content.
  • Optimized URLs: When it comes to optimizing your URLs, there are a several important factors that can be useful. There should not be more than 3 subdirectories, the total length should be around 100 characters, words should be separated by hyphens or dashes, add location based keywords in URLs which should be ranked locally and many more.
  • Efficient title tags: Title tags are considered as one of the most vital factors for excellent SEO. For better SEO results, the value of title tags has improved, so make sure to optimize them properly. The title tag is nothing but the text (clickable) which is shown in the search results, so try to make it appealing to the reader. Place the keywords in title tag strategically so that it looks natural and effective. Nothing could be more useful if your content is presented in the top search results, but without something attractive to the reader or viewer, it will never be clicked.

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