If you’re running a business and wishing to trade your products or services online, you need to optimize your website for the different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. in order to enhance traffic as well as sales. Many years ago, when only few businesses were using websites, it was quite easy to increase potential traffic to the site as quality content with product information and detail was enough to achieve high ranking in the search engines. But, now the competition has increased too much with billions of websites existing online. Thereby, presently it has become very difficult to improve online visibility and ranking of your site.

This increased competition has given rise to various styles and many different techniques of website optimization. Optimization is nothing but the methods of making search engine friendly website and placing the website higher in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). When it come to optimizing a website, most of the businesses make a biggest mistake by hoping a short-term focus on SEO as they think that they can solve their businesses challenges by doing so. They sometimes choose black hat techniques for faster results and end up with struggling to achieve high ranking. Businesses should choose organic search engine optimization that employs SEO strategies which take time to grow and include lots of human input. It is also contrasted to paid SEO which is generally pay per click services.


What is organic SEO?

Organic search engine optimization (organic SEO) also known as natural SEO that refers to the techniques implemented to obtain a high ranking on SERP (search engine results page). It is most time-taking and complex method of optimization of a website but, it ensures long-lasting results. If done in a proper step-by-step or systematic manner, it can attract traffic to your site as well as improve the ranking of it on search engines. Methods like content marketing using high quality content, boosting keywords, backlinking etc. can all improve site’s page rank and hence, the online visibility of the website.

Pay-per-click advertising has its own importance, but it is also true that organic or unpaid search traffic is more valuable than traffic which is obtained through paid click ads. There are few reasons why one should know about what is organic SEO and why to invest in it.

High ROI (Return On Investment)

Search engine optimization is one of the most common techniques of driving potential visitors to your website that change into paying customers, as they are interested in purchasing products or services from your site. Thus, it improves the quality of traffic to your website that affects the revenue generated form SEO efforts.


When compared to the costs associated with other ways of online marketing such as PPC advertising, e-mail marketing, organic SEO is cost-effective. Even small businesses those are short of funds, can also afford to invest in SEO to boost up their growth.

It’s an investment

Whether you are using the services of Internet marketing company to manage your SEO activities or you are travelling the SEO journey alone, keep in mind you are making a investment in your website. Every time when you write a blog post, or optimizing a landing page, you are introducing fresh and relevant content to your website and search engines love relevant and fresh posts.


Improve sales

These days, almost 80-90{2fdfca71d0bb0a19751d014afdced79401bedf3ca8d24cc95d8a404d9039f252} people prefer to shop online and this number is definitely going to increase. They shop from the companies which they find easily on the web. Do you want them to be able to locate your company? If yes, you should choose organic SEO because without it, people find it difficult to locate you and rather they will choose your opponents whom they locate effortlessly.

Long-term results

SEO offers you for persistent growth on the success path. Once implemented ethical SEO in step-by-step manner, it can provide you long lasting high rankings on the search engines as opposed to PPC which often gives short term results. Links and content will boost your position on search engines. Remember one thing that results won’t appear overnight, you need patience and dedication.

Google loves organic SEO

Websites that attain high ranking in the organic results are given importance by Google. Whenever something new develops, they will be placed ahead of everyone else. It helps to build great trust among users.

It isn’t going to leave workplace soon

The way Google give importance to organic SEO, it is not likely that it will stop to be effective any time soon. At some point, even audio and video queries sooner or later depend on search phrases in the same manner as traditional text-based content. This guarantees the ongoing success of these techniques provided that it prevails.